TAHOMA WEST accepts creative submissions of prose, poetry, and visual art from members of the UW Tacoma community. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni may submit as many creative works as they like for consideration. Outside submissions will not be accepted.

The deadline for Volume 25 of TAHOMA WEST will be midnight on Friday, March 26th 2021.

We utilize a blind submission process at TAHOMA WEST. Our Editor-In-Chief receives the submissions through our email server. They then distribute the submission to the related genre editor without a name attached in order to engage in discussion and decision around the piece without bias. 

Please take your time and follow the guidelines below when submitting. Failure to follow the submission guidelines may result in the rejection of your submission. For clarification on terms, see our glossary.


Submissions should be sent by email to tahomaw@uw.edu. Please utilize the following guidelines:

  1. SUBJECT LINE: The subject line of the email should state “SUBMISSION” followed by the genre of the work (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art). If you are submitting multiple pieces, your subject line will be “SUBMISSION: Multiple Pieces” followed by the genres. If you are unsure of your genre, choose which you believe to be most appropriate, and we can later reach out for clarification.
  2. BODY: In the body of your email, include your name, UWT degree program or staff position, UW email address, the title of each submission with your preferred publishing location (print, online, or both), and a biography (50-100 words). If you are an alumnus who no longer has a UWT NetID, you may use your personal email address and degree program/career.
  3. ATTACHMENT: Submit your creative work as an attachment. Use the file type specified for each category of submission, listed below this section.

*We do not accept physical submissions or submissions sent in by mail unless arrangements have been made with the TAHOMA WEST staff in advance. 

Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction

– Submission may be up to 4000 words.
– Times New Roman (12pt), double-spaced, with page numbers.
– Accepted file types: .doc or .docx
– If you have multiple short stories or essays, please submit them as separate attachments.


– Times New Roman (12pt).
– If your work does not require a special format, single space.
– Accepted file types: .doc or .docx
– Multiple poems may be sent in a single attachment. Separate each poem by a page break and include the individual titles above their text.

Visual Art

– Publication of visual art is dependent upon having a quality color or black and white reproduction of your work. Submit an electronic copy of your work that is at least 300 dots-per-inch (dpi). If you are unsure how to check or change your image’s dpi, please contact us prior to submitting.
– Accepted file types: .jpg  .tif .pdf .psd .raw
– Preferred file type: .jpg
– Include the title of the piece in the body of your email. If piece is untitled, write “Untitled”.
– Include a brief description of your piece in the body of your email. Examples may include how you came about creating the piece, what inspired you, the purpose of the piece, the message you are working to convey, or anything else you would like our readers to know about your work.

Cover Contest 

  • Submission must be:
    • 300dpi
    • Vertical images must be at least 1800x2700px
    • Horizontal images must be at least 4200x2700px
      • would include the spine and back of the book
      • images with focus on the right side are preferred
  • Accepted file types: .jpg .tif .pdf .psd .raw
  • Preferred file type: jpg
  • Include the title of the piece in the body of your email and “Cover contest” in the title of your email
  • Due by April 11th, 2021 by 11:59pm

* if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to the same address, or to our Editor-in-Chief, Will Bussell, at wbussell@uw.edu.


We seek to keep our journal open to all people. In that spirit, submissions that seek to discriminate against a group of people — any material in which elements of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, or gratuitous sex and violence dominate the piece for shock value — will not be considered. These topics can certainly be present if discussed in a tasteful, respectful, non-derogatory way.

After submissions are chosen for publication, TAHOMA WEST obtains the copyright to those pieces until they appear in print. The writer/artist cannot publish their piece with another publication until the volume is released to the public. This is a short period of time — about two months — at the end of which the publication will host a release event, and all rights to the piece thereafter revert back to the writer/artist.

Our preference is for previously unpublished work, indicating that the piece has not been previously published by another literary journal or undergone a formal publication process. You may submit your work to other journals at the same time as TAHOMA WEST — formally referred to as a simultaneous submission — as long as you inform us immediately if your piece is accepted elsewhere.

If you have any questions about submission guidelines and the process to do so, feel free to email us at tahomaw@uw.edu or visit us during our office hours on zoom: https://washington.zoom.us/j/93443112005.