General Submissions

2017-2018 Issue Submission Deadline

The FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE for our 2018 issue is March 15th, 2018 at 11:59 pm.


General Submission Guidelines

Important Notes

  • Submissions must be from UW Tacoma students, alumni, staff, or faculty. Material submitted without a verifiable name/student number (an anonymous submission) will not be considered.
  • After the pieces are chosen for publication, Tahoma West obtains the copyright to those pieces until they appear in print in May. This means that the writer/artist makes a contract with Tahoma West that they will not publish their piece with another publication until the spring issue is released to the public. After the Release Event, all rights to the piece revert back to the writer/artist.
  • Material in which elements of racism, sexism, obscenity, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and/or gratuitous sex and violence dominate the piece for their own sake or shock value will not be considered.
  • Tahoma West follows a blind submission process. The editors reviewing your submissions will not see any of your identifying information unless your piece has been accepted by the journal.

Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

  • Pieces should not exceed 5,000 words.
  • Please use Times New Roman (12pt) and double space your work.


  • Please use Times New Roman (12pt), single spaced unless your submission requires a special format.

Visual Art

  • Publication of visual art is dependant upon having a quality color and/or black-and-white reproduction of your work. Please submit an electronic copy of your work that is at least 300 dpi (.jpg, .tif, .pdf, .psd, .raw, or .indd are okay).
  • In addition to the title of the work, we invite you to include a brief written piece on the artwork. The artist statement may be about how you decided to create the work, what inspired you, what you learned from the experience, the message you hope to inspire in others when they view your work, or if you want to inspire others without explaining the work-simply write whatever you want someone to know about the art.


How Do I Submit?

Include the following in an email to

  1. The subject line of your email should state “SUBMISSION:” followed by the genre of the submitted work (e.g. “SUBMISSION: Fiction”)
  2. In the body of your email: Include your name, UWT degree program or staff position, UW email address, title of the submission, genre (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or visual art), and a short biography (50 words or fewer).
  3. Attach your submission as a single Word document. Do not include any identifiable information (from the list above) in your submission document.