Letter from the Editor

This has definitely been a year of change for Tahoma West. At the beginning of this school year, the University of Washington Tacoma lost a respected member of its community, Dr. Philip Heldrich. Phil was the faculty adviser for Tahoma West, and one of the most important people who helped shape it into the respected, award-winning journal it is today. This journal is a publication he cultivated, cared about and let flourish under the direction of the student editors.

I didn’t know Phil very well, having only taken one creative writing class with him. But, I saw enough of him to know that he was passionate about the arts, especially the literary arts. In this 15th issue of Tahoma West, our editors and our new faculty adviser, Tara Nesbit, have worked hard to carry on Phil’s legacy. Without the man who knew so much about the journal to help guide us, it has been a learning experience for us all.

We hope that Phil’s legacy inspires you to become more passionate about the arts. We hope that the works featured in this issue inspire you to learn through creativity. There are so many artistic ways to express yourself – so, get out there and find your outlet.

Rebecca Bacus
Managing Editor