Tahoma West, 2011 Issue

In memory of Dr Philip Heldrich.


Letter from the Editor


Rachel Balla, Babes in Zombieland

Rachel Balla, Dancing with Vampires

Cyril Dela Cruz, Hello Friend

Ashley Nieto, The Other Side of Town

Gabe Garcia, The Search

Samantha Paducha, The Week of a Navy Wife

Creative Nonfiction

Michael Cole, First Born

Thursday Peyton, First Day of 7th Grade

Anne Beaufort, Maybe It's Not the Words

Rich Furman, Ride

Tamara LaFountain, Tennessee

Jen Knox, The Fabulous Woman's Guide to the Stages of Grief


Loretta Lukaczer, A convincing demonstration of something

Catherine Wilmot, Divinely Shook

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, First Job

Laura Smith, Love Story for Grandpa

Loretta Lukaczer, On the eve of my 60th birthday

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, Phil-anthropist

Diana Kurtz, Postcard

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, Surge

Katlin Moore, The Firsts

Sarah Allison Ghan, The Man that Isn't

Visual Art

Sarah Allison Ghan, Beauty is What You Make It

Carolyn S Green, Cotton Candy Clouds on Fire in Ruby Valley, NV

Jessica Zuniga, Shine

Jessica Zuniga, Ship Masts at Sunset

Chris Pyke, Sprockets

Vanthanak Sok, Sunflower

Hillary McDonald, Test of Time

Chris Pyke, Untitled

Chris Pyke, Untitled


Briana Dyrness, Fiction Editor

Catherine Wilmot, Editor Assistant

Jessica Zuniga, Editor Assistant

John Basara, Visual Arts Editor

Mary Lineberger, Production Editor

Oksana Shcherbina, Poetry Editor

Rebecca Bacus, Managing Editor

Susannah Youngquist, Nonfiction Editor