Tahoma West, 2010 Issue


A Note from Our Editor


Jacque Clinton, Child Slave

Whitney Robbins, Cookies or Vegetables?

LaNelle Ramey, Encounter at the 13th

Whitney Robbins, Hope

Jacque Clinton, Perception

Nick Rogen, The Fool: A Short Fable

Creative Nonfiction

Anne Beaufort, Badges I Have Earned

Anne Beaufort, Breaking the Mold

Susannah Youngquist, Lightning Moments

Kamryn Bettelon, Reality Days

Rachel Balla, Rice Pudding

Thursday L Peyton, Smoke Break

Jeremy Fouraker, The Farm; Or, Life in the Country

Catherine Framke, Under the Bed

Megan Riggs, Understanding Rain

Paula Duncan, Where it Belongs


Kathryn Anderson, Cradlesong

Rich Furman, Creepers

Jennifer Sundheim, Err Raising Homage

Jennifer Sundheim, I Always Thought I Would Own a Dog

Star Angelina Murray, Men and Grandchildren

Whitney Robbins, My Backyard in May

Nick Rogen, My Cursive Walk Home

Angela Johnson, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, Passion

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, Perspective

Kathryn Anderson, Totems

Jeremy Fouraker, Touch

Nick Rogen, Two Different Me's

Jacque Clinton, Unbirth Me, America

Paula Duncan, Untitled

Visual Art

Abby Williamson, Applause

Chris Pyke, Commencement Bay

Jeremy Fouraker, Get Out

Jeny McCray, Murray Morgan Mandate

Benjamin Toombs, Patience

Kayomi Wada, Piqueteros

Chris Pyke, Power vs. Power

Abby Williamson, Road to Somewhere

Jon Vanders, Spectator Sport

Benjamin Toombs, Stock & Stabilizer


Ailsa Wallerich-Neils, Poetry Editor

Benjamin Toombs, Lead Visual Arts Editor

Chelsea Graeff, Poetry Editor, Visual Arts Editor

Jacque Clinton, Managing Editor

John Wheeler, III, Nonfiction Editor

Kayomi Wada, Production Editor

Marisa Mezs, Visual Arts Editor

Monica Jonen, Lead Fiction Editor

Nick Rogen, Lead Nonfiction Editor

Oksana Shcherbina, Lead Poetry Editor

Rachel Balla, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor