Tahoma West, 2009 Issue



Nick Rogen, At Death's Door

Kevin Eldridge, Form and Function

Jacque Clinton, Snow

Creative Nonfiction

Kathryn Anderson, Bitchfest

Kevin Eldridge, I'm Taking Back Redneck

Anne Beaufort, Smoke of Memory


Jacque Clinton, The Well

Rich Furman, We supply the dead

Therese Ferreria-Douglas, Wish

Visual Art

Vladimir Samoylenko, Freedom

Marisa Mezs, SNES van Piet Mondrian


Brad Young, Managing Editor

Bree Heiss, Visual Arts Editor

Jacque Clinton, Poetry Editor

Kayomi Wada, Production Editor

Kris Fenton, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor

Marisa Mezs, Lead Visual Arts Editor, Poetry Editor

Monica Jonen, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor

Nick Rogen, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor

Nicole Curti, Lead Nonfiction Editor, Fiction Editor

Oksana Shcherbina, Poetry Editor, Visual Arts Editor

Rachel Lowery, Fiction Editor, Nonfiction Editor

Sonya Hunt, Lead Poetry Editor