Rachel Balla

Rachel is a senior, pursuing a self-designed degree in Literature from the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program. She has worked as a Writing Consultant for almost four years, since working with words and writers is her passion. She hopes to soon begin a career as a fiction editor. [2011]

Rachel Balla notes that writing, literature, and language are her passion. She works as a Writing Consultant on campus because it allows her to inundate her life with words. She is majoring in Self and Society to pursue a career as a college level writing instructor or a fiction editor. [2010]

She served as a Fiction and Nonfiction Editor for the 2010 issue.

Works by Rachel Balla:

Babes in Zombieland (Fiction, 2011)

Dancing with Vampires (Fiction, 2011)

Rice Pudding (Creative Nonfiction, 2010)