Love Story for Grandpa

by Laura Smith


Looking back in life of all that I have come to know,
I’m sure of nothing lately, except how I love you so.
Grief and sorrow fill my heart these days, qualities you seemed to lack,
Remembering you sick and dying, well I don’t want to think about that.
Instead, when I think of you I’ll smile and laugh, yes that’s the key!
I’ll get lost in happier times, the way life use to be.
You’ve loved so many in your life, and they’ve loved you far more.
It’s amazing how you love me so, like no one’s loved me before.
Though you’ve taught me much in life like how to love and share,
Giving yourself to others was your sacrifice; it showed how much you cared.
No doubt there’ll be days ahead when you’re missed the absolute most,
Days you’d be so proud of us: graduations, motherhood, and wedding day toasts.
But you’ll be there with us the whole time, of this I know,
You’ll be by our sides forever, watching us live, learn and grow.
Don’t you worry about my little sisters; I will help them through this test,
I’m the oldest it’s my job, to show them how much we have been blessed.
I’ve got the best support group of all; wonderful family and friends,
To pick me up when I am feeling down, show me this is not the end.
Though Thanksgiving and Christmas will not be the same anymore,
It’ll take us a while to regroup; you were our center, our root, our core.
I don’t like writing about you in past tense, perhaps this is plain to see,
Because you’ll never be fully gone; you live inside of me.
I see you in the mirror, your that twinkle in my big blue eyes,
You’re in my laugh, my heart and there you will never die.
I wrote this poem for you as a sign of my eternal love,
I can feel you smiling down on me from somewhere up above.
It’s heaven’s lucky day to have you now and until forever,
And heaven is where you’ll wait for me, till God brings us back together.
Until then grandpa go rest, be free, and have a ball,
And remember that a granddaughter’s love for grandpa is the greatest love of all.