Chris Pyke

Chris grew up in Tacoma and was introduced to photography by his father, who gave him his first camera when he was in elementary school. He has recently started using film since he can be much more involved in the process of making the image. [2011]

Chris Pyke is majoring in Environmental Science (Pre-Med). He is a self-taught photographer from Tacoma. He has been interested in photography since he was about five years-old, when he received his first “almost disposable” camera. Ever since then he has been learning about photography by taking pictures and trying to figure out how to make them look better. [2010]

Works by Chris Pyke:

Commencement Bay (Visual Art, 2010)

Power vs. Power (Visual Art, 2010)

Sprockets (Visual Art, 2011)

Untitled (Visual Art, 2011)

Untitled (Visual Art, 2011)