Divinely Shook

by Catherine Wilmot


I’m bound by the chains
Of the foothold I gave
Through life’s many lanes
I chose one not paved

Lost and blind
Desperate and cold
I cling to the tree
To remind me of home

This perfect gift you gave
Oh bearer of fruit
The only one who can save
I dig down for the truth

I was called to be a steward
Of my body, soul and gifts
I should have soared
To great lengths
But I couldn’t give in

I wanted my own life
To be all that I could be
To strive for the unknown
To find a worldly bliss

I’ve reaped what I’ve sowed
My heart, the world towed
Your grace so surreal
It’s one I don’t deserve

Your love a mighty steeple
You poured onto your people
My polluted soul you took
My life divinely shook