Anne Beaufort

Anne Beaufort is a faculty member in Interdisciplinary Arts and Science at the University of Washington Tacoma. In addition to teaching writing and publishing in academic fields, she writes creative nonfiction in her Sunday night writing group and reads as much of it as she can, once she’s caught up on her New Yorkers. [2011]

Anne Beaufort teaches writing, literature, and graduate research methods in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program. Twice a month, she and friends spend Sunday evenings writing to prompts and reading their work to each other. Her creative nonfiction comes out of these Sunday night sessions. [2010]

Works by Anne Beaufort:

Badges I Have Earned (Creative Nonfiction, 2010)

Breaking the Mold (Creative Nonfiction, 2010)

Maybe It's Not the Words (Creative Nonfiction, 2011)

Smoke of Memory (Creative Nonfiction, 2009)