Employment Opportunity

2018 May 21
by Tahoma West
Current and incoming UWT students, are you looking for employment for the 2018-2019 school year?
Most of our staff is graduating this year, which means lots of jobs to apply to! Check out the student job’s page for descriptions on both the Editor-in-chief and Genre Editor positions at Tahoma West.
Feel free to send us any questions, but be sure to follow the instructions on the job description page to submit your application!

Creative Colloquy Lit Crawl

2017 September 12

Creative Colloquy is having their third annual lit crawl this year on Tuesday, October 3rd from 6 – 9 pm in various locations around downtown Tacoma.

Tahoma West will have students reading at 8 pm at The Union Club. Various UWT students and alum will be participating, as well as locally and nationally renowned writers and artists from every genre!

Check out their website and Facebook page for more info on locations and schedule.

Cover Art Winner!!

2017 April 21
by Tahoma West

Congratulations Jenny Miller!!! Our cover contest winner for her photograph “Crazy Beautiful”💜

Thank you for submitting to us. Come and meet Jenny and Tahoma West’s visual artists at DubFest on May 12th! Excited to see you there.


Beautiful white flower photographed against a black background

Terry Brooks & Shawn Speakman Q&A

2017 March 6
by Tahoma West

Poster promoting Terry Brooks & Shawn Speakman Q&A event

Tahoma West 17th Annual Release Event!

2013 May 27
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by Tahoma West

Join us, this week on Friday, May 31st @ 7:00pm, for Tahoma West’s Release Event! We will be celebrating our 17th annual recognition party! Food, author readings, and a good time for all!

Tahoma West Release Event!

Welcome to Tahoma West and UWT’s “People’s Poem” Project

2013 January 18
by Tahoma West

Welcome to Tahoma West and UWT’s “People’s Poem” Project. 

If you’ve made it this far, you must be interested, or at least curious, about contributing to this project.  Of course, we hope you do!

So now that you’re here, here’s what you can do…

The first line of the collaborative poem started by Kwame Dawes is below.  Read it, think about it, and write a second line to go with it—however you read “it.”  Then paste your second line in the “comments” box below and upload it to the board.  That’s it!  Hopefully the board below will grow and grow to represent the many different voices that make up our great UWT community.  You are, of course, free to submit more than once if you have different ideas.  We just ask that they be separate posts, since this is a collaborative project, we’re not looking for longer, fully fleshed out poems (though by all means write them for yourself if the inspiration moves you).

 Before you submit your “second” line, the only things we ask are that you:

  •  Write it in good faith and in the desire to contribute to the artistic and civic minded goals of the project
  • Sign it and make sure your name is included (Be proud!)
  •  Really, Really, only submit one line at a time to continue from the original first line (but again, feel free to post more than one “second” line if you want)

The Tahoma West board will be open for live posts (or even just reading) through the end of the day on Monday, and at the conclusion of the project, Janie Miller, our poetry professor, will review the posts and edit the submissions down to form a single, UWT collaborative poem that will be shared with the campus community next week and also be published in the 2013 issue of Tahoma West.

Now go for it!

Here’s the first line:

Say “nation”. In the wake of quarrels, say “hope”.

Check us out on Facebook

2012 December 13
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by Tahoma West

Join our Writers Corner for weekly writing prompts.


For the month of December the piece with the most votes will be published in our 2013 magazine!


Fall Submission Deadline is here!

2012 December 13
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by Tahoma West

2012 Release Event at our Lunch Launch, May 24

2012 May 18
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by Tahoma West

Thursday, May 24 at 12:30pm in William Philip Hall

Free copies! Author readings!


2012 February 4
by Tahoma West