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Tahoma West is a student published literary arts magazine that began in 1996 under the direction of John Peterson. The first issue was released in 1997 in conjunction with the opening of the new University of Washington Tacoma campus. The journal received a National Program Directors’ Prize for Undergraduate Literary Magazines in 2001 and 2002 by The Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Tahoma West is dedicated to developing and promoting the arts at UW Tacoma by providing a way for students, faculty, alumni, and staff to publish their work and have their voices heard. Free copies of the journal can be found in print around campus and in digital form at the UWT library.

We believe that similar to publishing in academic texts, publishing creative work through a literary journal is a way to participate in public discourse. It is a way to examine the world, play with genre, rigid definitions, and the status quo. It is a way to be an activist or an advocate, to raise important questions, or to highlight issues taking place in the world around us. We encourage students to use their artwork and writing to engage with the community at large. There is a place and a purpose for all  sorts of creative expression. There is a place for each of us.